Bill setting up the NHS received Royal Assent in July 1948.
17 million pairs of glasses prescribed in the first 2 years.
Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea: Residents in the North of the borough around Grenfell have a difference in life expectancy of 22 years compared to those living in the South of the borough around Harrods.
The NHS spends £6.1 bn on Obesity annually.
Societally with unemployment benefits and treatment we spend £27bn a year that is more than the spend of the judicial service, the police and the fire service.
1 in 5 cancers in the U.K. are detected in A&E.
In the Global league table of survival rates from cancer the U.K. is 24th behind Brazil (who is first), Turkey and Czech Republic.
The NHS spends approx £2bn servicing PFI each year.
In 1948 the U.K. spent approx 3% GDP on Health and 10% on Defence – these figures are now reversed.